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Nov 20, 09

Well after a miserable week the river Lee burst it's banks in Cork late last night/early this morning.

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Nov 18, 09

Shane and I had a tough enough day yesterday getting the [url=]Ubercart Option Images Module (uc_option_image) [/url] to work on an eCommerce site we are developing for a client in Dublin; plenty of head scratching with some mild cursing - but we finally got it running very nicely indeed and have decided to write a few notes on the process in the hope that they might help someone else in a similar pickle.

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Nov 11, 09

Best Designers Website Management Tool Cork

Drupal has won the best PHP Open Source Content Management System for the second year running, beating off the mighty Wordpress and Joomla!

Congratulations to the hordes of developers and contributers who provide so many modules that make Drupal what it is!]Award

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Nov 06, 09

[b]Q:[/b] I am using the drupal [url=]webform[/url] module to implement a 'Contact us' type form but when an anonymous user tries to submit the form they get this error: 'You are not authorized to access this page.' How can I fix this?
[b]A:[/b] Make sure that the webform node is marked as 'published'.

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Nov 05, 09

[b]Q:[/b] How can I remove the 'All Day' text that is sometimes displayed at the end of a date?
[b]A:[/b] Make a small addition to your theme's template.php file and theme it out of existence!

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Oct 30, 09

[b]Q:[/b] How can I override the default print.css with a .css file in my theme folder? I put print.css into my theme folder but it's not being used.

[b]A:[/b] To use your own print.css file you have to configure the '[url=]Printer, e-mail and PDF versions[/url]' module to specify which .css file that it should use.

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Oct 28, 09

[b]Q:[/b] How can I increase the max upload file size on a Blacknight Unix hosting plan, drupal says that it's currently just 2Mb?

[b]A:[/b] Add a little php.ini file to your drupal root and add some lines to the root .htaccess file as follows:.

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Oct 27, 09

The Register reports today that the whitehouse under Obama has switched its website over to Drupal.

And sure enough when asked to check says 'Yes'.

So, congratulations to the new administration on a good policy decision!

Now I must give Leinster House a quick buz before I forget...

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