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Aug 21, 09

If your web site is giving you trouble with views not respecting the taxonomy redirects that you configured with the taxonomy redirect module when using views to format your taxonomy term pages (via the taxonomy_term view) then take a look at this patch:

It's a Lifesaver!!

I am in a bit of a rush to explain it fully now, but I hope to revisit the subject soon, if I have the energy that is (after fighting with breadcrumbs in drupal again!!)

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Aug 14, 09

[b]Q:[/b] How do I add a reference to a java script file from a magento CMS page by using only the CMS mechanism, without having to edit any layout xml files like page.xml?

[b]A:[/b] Place a 'reference' block in the 'Custom Design' section of your page's settings and in this place an 'action' tag to include the javascript file.

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Jul 22, 09

Just found this very useful looking module for Drupal - it allows you to redirect users to a set page after they log in, this can make more sense then just sending them to the site homepage as that can be taking them 'backwards' slightly.

The module is here:

I haven't tested it yet, but I'll add a comment tot his post to let you know whow we get on with it. I say 'we' because this is more Kev's bag like! =-)

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Jul 22, 09

Here are some links that provide some very handy information on changing the Magento pdf invoice layout.

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Jul 15, 09

Just came across this, seems to be a nice little system for managing all your social media from the one place - I'll have to find time to look into this more, because I've been thinking I could do with something like this!

It can be time consuming to keep track of your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and keep your own blog up to date, so anything that links them all through one interface can only be a good thing!

Anyways, back to Photoshop for me! Got to get this new Web Site designed!



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Jul 15, 09

So it seems Google are set to launch their own operating system as a direct challenge to Microsoft and their windows platform.

Here's an interesting post on the BBC about the proposed operating system. It'll be interesting to see if Google can put a dent in Windows, although Windows 7's release is due very soon, which has me putting off buying a new PC for myself!

Anyway here's a snippet of the BBC's post:


Chrome - living in a Google world?

Rory Cellan-Jones | 15:36 PM, Wednesday, 8 July 2009

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Jul 06, 09

Q: How can I completly remove the 'Preview Button' from (some or) all of my node type and associated comment forms in Drupal 6?

A: Use the Jammer module and configure it to remove the preview button from the desired node types.

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Jul 02, 09

If you need to resize the category image as it keeps shrinking to 475px wide, you can do so by deleting the 'width="475"' from the following template:

You might also need to turn off or clear the cache in the backend at: System --> Cache Management --> Image Cache --> Clear.

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