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Facebook use Competition we helped devise as Case Study


Facebook are using the 'Ireland At Lunch' competition, which we helped devise, as a Case Study in presentations to small and medium businesses in Ireland, to show the 'reach' companies can achieve with a simple but well devised & well executed Facebook & Twitter based competition.

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Facebook Timeline


You may have noticed recently that your Facebook Profile page has changed quite dramatically, to what Facebook call your 'Timeline'.

That's all well and good but there are strong rumours that they are going to be doing likewise for Business pages on Facebook as well.

We'll be keeping a close on on this potential development and we'll let you know if t is going to happen as it could have quite an impact on how you should run your business page.

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Drupal Facebook buttons not Displaying in IE8

[b]Q:[/b] I am using the '[url=]Facebook social plugins integration[/url]' module to display facebook buttons on my site, but the share button won't display in IE8, they show up fine on FireFox and other browsers, how do I fix this?

[b]A:[/b] It seems that to get the buttons to display correctly in IE you need to add some facebook namespace references to your site's page template (page.tpl.php):

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Drupal 'facebook social' like views field


Q: How can I include a facebook like button from the '[url=]Facebook social plugins integration[/url]' module in a view as a field, the module doesn't seem to have views integration?
A: Install the '[url=] Views Custom Field[/url]' module, create a new PHP field in your view and then include the PHP code that follows...

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Facebook, FB.ui() - An error occurred. Please try again later.


[b]Q:[/b] Help, my code to post to Facebook wall via FB.ui() has suddenly stopped working, it now just displays this error - 'An error occurred. Please try again later.', what's happened?, it used to work just fine!

[b]A:[/b] In the last few days Facebook have changed their rules and you now can't call FB.ui() without first passing a valid appID to FB.init() when you call it.. So if you used to call FB.ui() without first registering an app then this may well be what's causing you the problem.

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Facebook - Publish to wall Without Registering Application

[b]NOTE:Since the time of writing Facebook have changed their setup so that now you always need to provide a valid appId to FB.Init() before calling FB.ui() - so now you always need a registered application to publish to a wall and the rest of this post is out-of-date, Grrrrrr!

[b]Q:[/b] Is there a way that my website can post to a users Facebook wall without having to register an application?

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