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We began designing and building websites for our Cork based clients in 2003. Our business has grown since then to serve clients, not alone in the local Cork and Munster region, but throughout the whole of Ireland. Websites have undergone dramatic changes since 2003 when they were generally very basic, static on-line brochures, usually with a very limited number of pages.

Your Website should be the hub of your digital marketing strategy.

A website in 2014 must be built around a Content Management System, where companies will share their brand message, news, services, case studies, expertise and/or other content. Utilizing your website in this way will allow you to make it the hub of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy. In fact your website is the absolute key to a successful, integrated on-line enterprise.

The sooner you invest in a quality website, and market that website, the more your website will achieve.

To succeed on-line, your website needs to be built correctly so that it will project your brand, products and/or services in a clear and professional way. From that starting point, your website needs to be managed and marketed in order for it to achieve your on-line goals: to increase sales, grow your on-line traffic and generate leads. You simply cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to your website. In this age of cutting-edge technological sophistication, it is no longer sufficient to build a static website and think that it will be effective without doing anything more. DIY websites are quite easy to set up; they can be a temporary first step, if you have little or no budget; however, they are not a long term solution. They very often look like a template,or they may end up looking scruffy and disordered when content has been edited to fit the system. In addition to this, their set-up is frequently not search-friendly, which reduces their chances of being found in an on-line search.                          

Facebook is an important marketing tool but it is not a replacement for your website.

Many companies seem to think it is sufficient to have a Facebook page instead of their own website. This is a huge mistake, which fails to take into account how people actually use the internet. Sure, Facebook can now boast that 6 in 10 Irish people have an account. The reverse side of that impressive statistic is that 4 in 10 people are not on Facebook. Are you really willing to ignore 4 in 10 potential customers? Conversely, everyone uses Google or an alternative search engine and when people are pro-actively looking for a local business or service they use a search engine (Google in most cases) So, yes, people will find you through your Facebook page but this tends to be in a passive way rather than in an active search. Facebook should be used in conjunction with a modern, quality and content - driven website which is fully search-optimised and socially connected.

Our Web design process consists of the following steps:

Good planning = Good website

Omit the planning stage and you will, almost certainly, have a website that does nothing for your business. We have seen at first hand the dramatic difference a quality website can make for a client.

A quality website will soon pay for itself

A well planned, well designed, quality website may be more expensive to get up and running but it will pay for itself very quickly.

The latest software, the latest updates

We use the most flexible, scalable and trusted open source Content Management Systems to build our websites. The Internet is moving along at an incredibly fast pace and we keep up to date with the latest software so we are able to offer our customers the best solutions available.

Top of the range website at a credit-crunch friendly price!

We have devised a number of payment options for our clients. So if you don't have a large budget up front, talk to us and we'll work out a payment plan with you.

We develop affordable, top of the line websites.

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