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Rosie & Jim

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For over a decade, we have had the pleasure of working with Rosie & Jim, a company that produces a variety of delicious and coeliac-friendly chicken products. One of the key projects we have worked on with them is the design and development of their website, which serves as a platform to showcase their range of products and provide users with recipe ideas.

As part of our work with the website, we have devised, cooked, and photographed various recipes featuring Rosie & Jim's chicken products. These recipes are then shared on the website, providing users with inspiration and ideas for meals they can make at home using Rosie & Jim's products.

In addition to showcasing their products and recipe ideas, the website also highlights the various charities that Rosie & Jim donates to each year. The company is dedicated to giving back and supporting worthy causes, and the website serves as a platform to showcase their efforts in this area.

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Rosie & Jim

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Furthermore, the website also features updates and news about the company and any upcoming events they may be participating in. This helps to keep users informed and engaged with the brand.

Overall, our work with Rosie & Jim has been a rewarding experience. It has been wonderful to see the company's success over the past 10 years, and we are proud to have played a role in helping them showcase their products and values through the website

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